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9 Nørre-Snedevej
Horsens, 8700

+45 30 22 00 55

Seats - for functional living. For all ages. For any purpose. For a lifetime. For life changes. For compact living. For outdoor life. For big and small. For comfort. For play. For relaxing. For enjoying life. #TakeLifeOutside


A common desire to check the news at Salone Del Mobile in Milan brought two former colleagues together in the spring 2014. After the trip to the fair discussions continued and over the next six months an idea was shaped on inspirations we got from the fair in Milan.
We saw that our various personal skills in a beautiful way complemented each other. When we actually got the opportunity to supplement the team with a third partner further appropriate skills and conditions for a perfect team came in place.
The team consists of Martin Stoltze, CEO, MA Design Engineering, Rikke Borg-Lauritsen, CMO, MA Textile Design and Lene Egly, CPO, Senior Design Specialist.
By the end of 2016 Rikke will be leaving the company, because she was offered her dream job. 

Furniture for outdoor use shown in Milan were all in very neutral in colors. This fact and the tendency to make carefree gardens and outside spaces with lots of wooden and concrete materials, creates a rather dull, monochrome look.
We wanted to give the outdoor space more colors and at the same time produce products of high technically  quality, which could last longer. Many people recognize the experience of cushions, which after one summer are faded and smelly, consequently they drop them and buy new the following year.
It does not have to be like this, we wanted to create beautiful, functional products with weatherproof characteristics.
We started to design and produced models 1:5 in 3D printing.

3D prints of Seats 

3D prints of Seats 

3D prints of Seats 

3D prints of Seats 


The team worked really well together and when the first product had taken form, there was a basis to form a company to reach the final development and marketing of the product in a planned collection.
TEC OUT ApS, Exterior furnishing was founded 01.10.2015.
The first full-sized prototype was sewed in October 2015.

First prototype 

First prototype 

First prototypes 

First prototypes 

First prototypes

First prototypes


The first product, Seats, is a multifunctional seat cushion with very good properties for outdoor use. Afterwards the Take was designed, a strap that makes it easy to take Seats outside. Take can be used for 2, 3 or 4 Seats. Later the storage unit Hang came into the collection and now a third idea has been initiated.
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are now busy selling our collection.

Right now TEC OUT housed in a refurbished former dairy at Lund outside Horsens. A space with high ceilings, large windows with views both to fields and forests. A building with industrial soul and history - close to E45.



Professionalism + engagement + network + us as a team is our strongest card. 

We have combined many years of experience in product development and specialized knowledge in textile outdoor products. By selecting materials that have the necessary technical specifications for outdoor use, we can offer products with longer life and thereby also greater sustainability.


Martin Stoltze CEO, MA Design Engineering: 


I work with aesthetics, technology and functionality at the same high level throughout the whole development process. 10 years of experience in product design-jobs and management positions within development, including 5 years of experience in textiles. I am an entrepreneur and innovator, and get very excited about working with talented and competent strong people. 3D printing, interdisciplinary collaborations and networks also lay in my interest.



Lene Egly CPO, MA Senior Design Specialist:


The textile processes and technical capabilities that underlie them are a major inspiration for my creativity. Knowing the processes makes it possible to work on the edge of what is possible, there where innovation is created. I have a lot of international experience from several design jobs in textile-related companies such as design coordinator and head of design. Surfaces' patterns and color interactions interest me a lot. I am working with concepts and e-books with patterns.