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What is the safe distance that I need to keep to my devices?

Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets

Various object have a sensitivity to static magnetic fields of permanent magnets. They disturb some devices only temporarily, but others could be damaged permanently.

Below you can find an (incomplete) list of objects that should not get too close to permanent magnets. For each object, we included the recommended safe distance to a variety of disc magnets.


High-quality magnetic card (credit card, ATM card)

Safe distance: 2 cm

Cheap magnetic card (parking garage, admission ticket) 

Safe distance: 5 cm 

Pacemaker (new):

Safe distance: 7 cm

Mechanical watch

Mechanical watch

Pacemaker (old)

Safe distance: 9 cm

Mechanical watch, non-magnetic pursuant to ISO 7646

Safe distance: 4 cm

Mechanical watch, not non-magnetic

Safe distance: 18 cm

Hearing aid

Safe distance3 cm

Vehicle key

No danger

USB stick, memory cards

No danger

CD's, DVD's

No danger

Camera, cell, smart phone

No danger for data carrier

Hard drive

Unclear - keep at least 5 cm safe distance