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Nørre Snedevej 9

Dk-8700 Horsens


Number: +45 30 22 00 55 (notice new phone number)

VAT no. 37142964

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9 Nørre-Snedevej
Horsens, 8700

+45 30 22 00 55

Seats - for functional living. For all ages. For any purpose. For a lifetime. For life changes. For compact living. For outdoor life. For big and small. For comfort. For play. For relaxing. For enjoying life. #TakeLifeOutside

Modular and Multi-functional furniture

We want to enhance the experience of staying in the outdoor space and urge for more outdoor activities. It should be easy and comfortable to #TakeLifeOutside. 

We focus on creating long-lasting high quality products to be used in countless ways outdoors or indoors. We make it easy and comfortable to stay outside. 
TEC OUT's products can always be complemented by other compatible TEC OUT products along the way, thus increasing the scope of application.

We work with multifunctionality and create contemporary design furniture that can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Our products are designed for use in compact living conditions in the apartment, in the cottage, in your houseboat or in a modern container house.

TEC OUT products are designed and developed in Denmark, and the majority are produced by local subcontractors close to Horsens, where we belong. 
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